About Us

Our Vision

The greatest challenge to realising the potential of artificial intelligence in the biomedical domain is its translation into real-world use. Our vision is to create an AI Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Innovation (AI4BI) to produce inter-disciplinary researchers with both technical skills and domain knowledge, and with experience delivering innovation into the public and private sectors.

Our Approach

We will train 60+ doctoral researchers over the next 8 years (2024-2032), who will design, develop, and implement AI approaches in partnership with our external stakeholders.

We have worked to co-develop our program over the last 3 years to build a deep understanding of research interests, challenges, and opportunities, and to identify paths to translate AI research into real-world use. We have created a flexible cohort based 4-year PhD program with integrated study that has embedded training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Our model is especially suitable for those with relatively little prior exposure to computer science and mathematics, but who contribute essential biomedical knowledge.